Sun, Palms, Beach, Exotic Fruits and a Monkey!

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Is there something more relaxing than sitting under the palm trees on the beach and having yourself a juicy reward. A nice piece of coconut or a pineapple mixed in with kiwis and dragon fruit. Wouldn’t it be nice.

But what is that. You hear him coming closer and closer. He swings from reel to reel, snatches fruit after fruit. It’s that mischievous monkey again, isn’t it?

Do not worry he may be mischievous but he is friendly and for a nice piece of fruit he will give you some Wilds, or bring you other fruit to exchange. It’s our very special monkey which came down from his palm to give you a helping hand. Our little larky monkey he is a mischievous one but will always show you a way to the most fruitful win.

"Monkey slots is a 5-reel video slot game features Wild symbol, Bonus symbol, Monkey Features, Avalanche Respins and Free Spins with multiplier. Be always ready for the monkey to pop-up and help you out with your wins" stated Michael Polák, Product Manager at of the game.