Join the monarchs and gain the Pharaohs treasure

Solar God header news

Beyond the great dunes, where the Sahara’s presence ends, is a land full of prosperity, gold and wins. The young Pharaoh awaits.

Bet on your Golden Scarab to guide you through the Solar Gods territory. With his help you can turn it all into your Wild card off riches and wins beyond your imagination. As you see the rolling Scarab always present but not always will he give what you seek.

Follow the suns golden shine and let the ambience of ancient Egypt course through your gameplay. Be immersed in the aurum visuals of this stunning game. Solar God will show its multitude of mysteries. From the Scarabaeus, to the Bonus symbol, but once the pyramids shiny top aligns with the scarab you will gain the favor of the Gods and spin for free.

"This 6x4 video slot themed in the ancient Egypt’s era will pull you with its stunning golden graphics and a theme music. The 30 fixed paylines will bring you closer to your win" stated Michael Polák, Product Manager at of the game.

Follow the Scarab on his journey through the reels.