An epic tale of divine proportions

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Under the veil of menacing clouds stands Mount Olympus, the seat of Zeus - king of gods. Many had visited his shrine and brought gifts to please him and his pantheon of Greek deities, for they, too, indulge in earthly pleasures. Now fate has brought you to his temple. But do not dare disrespect him or Zeus shall unleash his wrath upon you with the mighty force of thunder and lightning.

Tread carefully through the nine stages to the top as lightning bolts pierce the mountain wall, stronger at each stage. Once you reach the final tenth stage, the thunder god himself descends with a convoy of electric storm and earth shattering.

Get on his good side by charming his faithful matron Hera and beautiful daughter Aphrodite, and accept the rewards for your hardships from a generous god.

This 5x4 video slot takes you center stage of a Greek play. Your fate shall determine the end – will this be a tragedy or a comedy?