Aloha from the beautiful lady of the island

Tiki Princess header news

Where the beautiful beaches meet the greenery of the jungle, there you can from time to time hear the roar of the mysterious mountain spirits in the old volcano opening. There at the pier she will welcome you with a bright smile and a pretty flower necklace with the words of greeting, Aloha!

In Tiki Princess you will embark on a mesmerizing adventure in the pristine island with the most gorgeous woman of them all the Princess of the tribe. She will guide you and show you the treasures of the island. From the fruit, her dance to the sea shells you will find all will greatly enrich your life.

The Tiki of the land will join in and award you with the riches they possess. Dance together with them and the lady of the island to your joyful end.

This 5x3 video slot will make entrance you with the beauty around you, with the beauty of the island. It will present you its best visuals and sound in which you will get definitely entangled.

Join in. Aloha, mahalo!