Hell Fruits header news

Legend says that deep down underground, close to the Earth’s core is a place, which is considered the most fearsome far and wide. This enormous dungeon of eternal fire, heavy rocks and fiery lava hides luscious fruits, which are guarded by the diabolical Lucifer.

Many tried but failed to snatch his treasures. Juicy melons and delicious grapes awaiting the brave to be rewarded with the greatest earnings that can be, laying in darkness untouched.

Hell Fruits features 5 paylines on 5 reels and contains the Wild Fireball symbol, which substitutes for all symbols except Scatter symbol.

„Our new slot is coming straight from hell with its Wild Fireball feature, which gives the game an even hotter touch. When Lucifer throws Fireballs at the reels, the spin is always winning. We believe in the game’s popularity among our players thanks in part to this fiery feature” stated Michael Polák, product Manager at of the game.

This is your opportunity to defeat evil and get the most valuable Fireballs, which can significantly increase your wins! Figure out the best way to earn them, and enjoy the sweet taste of victory over the Prince of Hell.

Scatter symbols of the She-devil anywhere on reels multiply your win up to 500x.