SYNOT Games signs Italian streamer in new media partnership

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5 years into its existence, it is impossible not to stumble across at least a slice of the varied SYNOT Games portfolio. Online slot enthusiasts from all corners of the world take turns with our unique creations, often to lasting effect.

Popular streamer and face of the titular, SPIKE offers entertaining and relatable reviews to thousands of followers in his native Italy. Recognizing the potential, SYNOT Games decided to start a media partnership cooperation with the entrepreneur to keep his considerable following up to date with the latest news from the Bratislava based studio.

The site already features games from the studio’s vast portfolio, soon to be extended by the anticipated Aztec Jaguar. Until then, retro classic Fruity Gold 81, the funky cocktail of Fruits Go Multiply and the exotic Tiki Princess will entertain the waiting crowd.

In honor of the newfound partnership, SPIKE contributed a review of the studio’s production and his favorite slots thereof.

Check out this other interesting video of SPIKE trying to beat one of our most difficult games, Hunter’s Spirit, in this spirited stream.