Spinning together, when design meets the player expectations

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Rhythmical music, flashy graphics, juicy fruits with sparkling tones. Is there anything else that can describe classics more as the line above?

We usually tend to ask the question if classic slot game visuals are a “hit” for the modern player. The answer is so simple and it is Yes. As we have also proven in our new game Sync Spin. The combination of a disco like background with flashy fruits and music that makes you tap your foot.

“This game incorporates the best of the best. Way win combinations which are easy to be memorized with its payouts make the game fun to play and clear to follow. The design is going back a bit to the old disco era with some nice sparkling pixels” said Filip Hlaváček, Product Manager of SYNOT Games.

Sync Spin is a 5-reel video slot game with Wild symbol and synced reels. Its symbols are a combination of fruit, stars with just the right amount of sparkle and juiciness. The music will make you tap your foot along as you make your way to your wins.