Spin the wheel of elements as this might be your lucky day!

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Water, air, earth or fire...In a world beyond your imagination lies a place where elements decide your fate.

Lucky ElementsTM is an abstract game set in astral world with 5 reels and incredible 243 ways to win. Apart from the main elements designed as precious gems hiding the essence of each element, it features a bonus symbol that has a transforming power to represent any of the elements. 3 Bonus symbols will allow you to play a game of chance - Wheel of Lucky Elements. Each acquired Bonus will represent one life in the bonus game. Corresponding colors will multiply all values on the matching part of the wheel.
Find the perfect balance of elements, the harmony of yin and yang, to gain generous winnings.

Ivan Kodaj, Executive Director: "Unlike our more explosive games such as Double Hot or adventurous like Mirror Shield, this game has a calmer and mesmerizing vibe, yet with an exciting new bonus game SYNOT Games hasn’t done before. Wheel of Lucky Elements is a brand new feature for us, where we took inspiration from the Wheel of Fortune. There is a certainty of winning, the only question is how much?“