Orange you glad to win, again! Orange you a great winner!

Fruiti XXL header news

This one in a Melon game is part in our basket of cherry picked, sweet as luck game experiences. A Fruiti version containing almost all but not your daily dose of vitamin C. Play these 5 reels of 100 paylines where the whole fruity bunch joined in to create juicy prizes for your refreshment.

Also containing symbols Scatter and Wild, which provide a crop worthy or reaping. We hope this game will provide an enriched experience to all our players out there.

Fruiti XXL is part of the first slot series we’ve developed so far. Our fruit themed games are beloved, sleek in design, simple old idea yet contemporary. With this addition we build a truly fruitful portfolio not just for the seasoned player. “ adds Matej Sopóci, our Chief Product Officer.