Like every year, the sun-soaked Moravian town of Uherske Hradiste welcomed dozens of attendees covering various areas of gaming: content providers, betting companies, platforms, analytics and many more. So where is the industry headed?

Full three speaking slots (pun intended :)) were dedicated to the SYNOT Games team, one of which was represented by our brand new marketer and the only female speaker among 11 men, Martina Hrabinska. Did we do our brand justice?

Ivo Valenta gave the guests a warm welcome and expressed the hope for not just lots of new knowledge, but mainly for an interactive environment that will trigger lively discussions. The motivation was strong, the best division would get a prize for which our small – but growing office could do plenty of things and probably go to not one, but several Moravian wine tasting routes :)

The first presentation came from our very own, SYNOT Games Executive Director Ivan Kodaj along with Jan Volhejn, about the latest developments in the slot gaming and the upcoming trend of branded games, especially music slots.

He also showed some great and not so great examples of how to make music slots, the details of which we will not disclose :) So what’s next for us? A popular Slovak or Czech band inspired slot? Which band would you consider fun playing? We’ll leave that up to your imagination...

Next up was Pavol Krasnovsky of RTS Munity introduced Esports Trading and the upcoming trend which will take the industry by storm – game analytics and the data driven approach to E-sport and live odds streaming.

Fancy some cutting edge VR? Badfly Interactive outlined the future of gaming and it is clear the future is now. Every attendee was able to try out their latest technology on their own and dive into the post-apocalyptic world of zombies. Martina was curious whether they plan to create something more gentle and suitable for the female nature, such as petting flying unicorns, but her wish was not met with much understanding :)

Our friends from Easit also came with something new up their sleeve. Now you can save your money for the ticket to Vegas, and enjoy the atmosphere of a real casino from the comfort of your house with brand new online roulettes which are also available to try at

The whole industry is moving to the virtual world - that was also the clear message by Josef Koci from SYNOT TIP, as he introduced their online casino. Michal Gajdosik from SYNOT ICT Services focused on and important issue these days – personal data privacy and the legal framework not only in gaming but also as part of operations and HR.

Representing the SYNOT Games division again, our new marketing manager, Martina guided us through the dynamic world of social media. First she mentioned some fascinating stats which proved an indisputable fact: the majority of events happen on social media and who isn’t there, is simply out of the „game“. She stressed its huge power and the absolute necessity for businesses to become closer to people, by simply staying real and not be afraid to use emotions when communicating with clients.

There are few certain things in life such as death, taxes and that one does simply not keep the schedule of a conference. Also here, the attendees and speakers got so passionate about their topics the lunch was an hour later than planned. After the luncheon, it was time for last few presentations, among them one about some latest apps from Apple that will make our lives yet a little more easier, as well as Madfinger Games who let us have a look into the world of console-quality games iOS and Android mobile devices in their bilingual presentation and another content provider, Kind Diamonds Games, who presented some cool new slots on the market.

Lastly, Filip Hlaváček & Jan Sluka in their shared presentation finally introduced SYNOT Games - young, one year old division of the SYNOT brand and proudly presented our game portfolio, pointing out the giant leap we’ve taken in just one year, being able to grow our team three times and produce 7 fully functional slots, which all dominate the most played rankings in the markets they went live, and plenty more in production. Our latest game to go live, Hell Mania particularly enchanted Miguel for Madfinger whose eyes immediately lit up when he saw her curves :)

And the winning presentation? The main prize for the winning presentation was split to three ones. The main one went to RTS Munity for their truly innovative approach and the remaining two between the virtual reality guys from Badfly and our marketer Martina. SYNOT Games truly proved their growing significance in the industry and got some well-deserved recognition. Congrats and let’s blow everyone’s minds again next year!