Light and darkness immortalized in epic saga

Masters of Eclipse header games

The fight between good and evil, man and demon, the longest battle in the history of mankind. A knight of pure soul is trapped in an eternal contest against fiends on flamed stallions - Masters of Eclipse, who bring gloom upon the world.

But one force can match the mighty power of darkness. A light so strong it illuminates everything around it. Help our knight in shiny armor harness the pernicious lightning into a fiery ball to strike back at the three-headed demon apparition. Multiply its energy in the final battle royal to defeat the Dark Forces. A venture that keeps the world in balance until destiny favors one side and mankind shall perish forever or triumph over evil.

Step into a 5x4 video slot engulfed by the abyss where epic battles take place, fend off fiends and summon multiplying fireballs against the Masters of Eclipse.

Are you up for the challenge?