Let the battle come bite by bite, pixel by pixel

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We are writing the year 1980 and your earthly successes are being targeted by greedy aliens. Beyond the mighty spin there is a galaxy where these creatures are coming from. Release them form the burden they are carrying and make it your lucky streak.

Pixel Reels is providing you with the best weapons against them. Beat the Invasion and gain many riches or free spins with a multiplier you will not forget. Beat the aliens in their own game on the reels and become a true player.

They will come flying at you with extra fruit to stabilize their attack but do not fret. Spin on and spin great for the optimum prizes that are awaiting at the end. Beat them with all you have. These squared little monsters will not be a threat to your balance.

The playing field of 6x4 of this video slot themed in the pixel art of the old game’s era will return you to the days when 8bit was a hit. Let yourself be pulled in with the stunning visual and sound placements in this amazing game.