IT and Lottery Conference: How new trends in technology reflect in gambling & gaming?


For the ninth time, companies of the SYNOT Group gathered for the annual IT and Lottery Conference in Uherské Hradište.

9 different companies presented on various topics of how new technologies affect their particular field of gaming.

The conference started with introduction by Mr. Ivo Valenta, the founder of SYNOT Group, whose ambition is to bring the members together on regular basis, hoping for a synergic effect of their business, despite their different product offering and audience.

The first presentation was presented by Jan Volhejn, tackling the question of how can AI be used in gambling. Can face recognition help ensure better security and contribute to responsible gambling?

Vlastimil Koutník from GAN followed up with new trends in security camera systems and how smart cities in China can use such security footage for finding missing persons.

The next was EASITs Petr Forejtek & Lazar Miuchin who introduced their brand new products, including a live poker game and discussed some possible developments in the future, such as the use of crypto currency in gambling.

SYNOT Games as content provider asked an important question. How to implement online game to cabinets - as opposed to the usual process. And more importantly, is “omnichannel” a real need or more of a marketing buzzword? Our colleagues also provided an insight into game development, from the initial idea to the lengthy process of certification and integration.

More new games for land based (and possibly also online in the near future) were presented by another content provider King Diamonds.

ICT Services’ Michal Gajdošík presented latest trends in customer service in gambling. In the age of customer-centric approach throughout the industries, operators need to focus on their clients’ needs and comfort by setting up call centers, online chats and video chats.

Ján Sluka further elaborated on the progress of game monitoring, while gaming provider Badfly Interactive presented the advantages of using Youtube as promotional channel.

Šárka Janíčková and Marek Zona from Madfinger Games presented topics which gained significant attention - localizations and tailoring products to specific markets. Clearly it doesn’t end with just translation, but further product modifications according to the market specifics can give you major competitive edge.

Yet again, this internal conference proved the necessity of synergic cooperation among SYNOT companies and that knowledge sharing is an invaluable asset that needs to be a regular event.

Let’s hope for some great ideas put into practice and see you next year!

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