Hot inferno, luscious fruits – Hell bars!

Hell Bars header news

“Sizzle, sizzle! Sounds down from your feet. Each step you take on this smoldering path will bring you closer to the fruitful treasures hidden in the fire.”

Did you bring your devilish luck to walk with you on this burning road? Thread carefully as each move you make can be hellish to bear, but worry not as the bountiful embrace of a juicy victory can be nearby.

„With the passing winter we are excitedly waiting for summer to come. This game is a over-exaggeration of our dreams for the coming summer. Hot fruity inferno with luck abundant for the taking. “adds Matej Sopóci, our Chief Product Officer.

The game features a mystery symbol which randomly pays out 4x – 500x the amount. Wild symbol present in this game substitutes all symbols except Mystery. Hell Bars is a 3x3 video slot full off winning fruit and Bar’s is the game that makes the players waiting for summer much more enjoyable. Take the 27 fixed paylines as your possible path and walk towards your luck.