DiamondZ are a spin’s best gain!

DiamondZ header news2

Come and see for yourself the colors reflected by the diamonds around you. The lights are shimmering, calling you to come and insert your luck into the reels to gain the DiamondZ treasure.

Even if you think that the jolly one will be your gain, you are amiss on this. It is not him that causes bliss, but it is his right, to be refracted in the light. The DiamondZ are the true delight, these diamonds are not just alright. But do not hang your chin as they will bring your reward.

Scattered across the game field like stars, they will provide you with the victory you desire. But do not worry they don’t come out only at night. If your luck is present they will be there with you in a bit.

This 5x3 video slot themed in the lights of DiamondZ will illuminate your bridge of luck and guide you to the best point to view your winnings.

Just wait for them to shine on the reels.