Destination: North Pole

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This year went by so fast like a snowman on ice skates. It’s so cold in fact that my reindeers have frost-kissed red noses! Ever seen something like that?

But enough of idle chatter, here’s the deal – I got this spikey tree I gotta deliver. On a sleigh no less! Crazy world. And these fancy boxes with golden ribbons on it for the big guy. Ever heard of him? You know, tall, had one too many steaks on the house, long white beard, has a penchant for the color red. Guy has the weirdest laughter! “Ho-ho-ho!” he goes.

Well, ho-ho-hold my reindeer, amiright? So anyway, he promised me and the crew all these awesome rides. Since I got no crew, wanna come with?

A 5x4 video slot bringing the nostalgia of Christmas of yore, with the twinkle of the Christmas balls and the jingle of the bells.