Cast the magic spell to uncover the treasure in the Nile valley

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Book of Secret is set in the ancient Valley of the Gods, in the golden era of treasure hunters, when archeologists roamed the land in search for Pharaoh’s tomb hiding his lost riches.

Little they knew that by opening the ancient book inside and reading its powerful spells, they will also awake the gods and trigger series of unexpected events.

SYNOT Games‘ take on the famous classic and the beloved slot features the central character of the female archeologist whose courage and charm are the keys to finding the ancient treasure.

Free Spins are an exciting ride triggered by 3 Wild Books of Secrets. A randomly selected special symbol will act as expanding during the Free Spins.

Shiny graphics, sultry archeologists smirk and mesmerizing animations will accompany you on this adventurous journey.

„An immortal classic, this concept has been done many times , so what are we doing different? Graphics are more complex and detailed, the features more exciting and the lead character is female giving the game an extra charm“, commented Ivan Kodaj, Executive Director or SYNOT Games.