Bienvenido, amigo! The game with the feel of Mexico

243 Mexicana header news

From the recent development of our studio comes the new title 243 Mexicana. The game has a feel of a rural Mexican town, with its charms and vibrant culture. Spin the reels and let yourself be engulfed in the Mexican feel of this game. Get into the spirit and rhythm of Mexicana.

"Be careful though as this game has one specialty. Its Big Block feature is a smashing hit. The big block comes almost as if out off nowhere and explodes into your win" stated Michael Polák, Product Manager at of the game.

243 Mexicana is a 3x5 video slot full off rhythm and flavour of Mexico. The game has the Big Block feature and also the symbols Bonus and Wild. These provide even more flavour to this already specially seasoned gameplay. We believe that the 243 ways to win in this game should be more than enough to represent your luck.

Buena suerte!