Find the perfect formula for the ultimate win


Feel the thick smoke burning in your eyes, the heat from dozens of glowing vials, listen to the sound of scorching liquids and machines humming to the alchemist’s tune as he works on his new transmutation formula...

The old scientist has spent years and years on preparing the formula but mixing the exact right amounts of ingredients is a delicate art and somehow also a gamble. Will you find the perfect combination?
Alchemist’s Gold is a truly unique game that stimulates players’ imagination by playing with elements and vials of chemicals that sometimes need a little magic trick to achieve the wanted result. And so „his transmutation device finally begins to function and lesser metals can be turned into the purest gold.“

This is a 5 reel slot game with 3 symbols per reel. Whenever mystery symbols appear, they all change to a random symbol. Winning combinations are evaluated anywhere on the payline.
Alchemist’s Gold with its mystical symbols and complex devices has the aspiration to become our flagship game due to its originality and a mesmerizing artwork.