A Día de los Muertos offering for the living

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Forget the solemn All Saints’ Day or mischievous trick-or-treating. Join Skull Bonanza for Día de los Muertos! Honor the departed on orange streets clad in marigold, where you never know if you have just met a ghost or a living stranger behind a mask.

For once visit a cemetery where laughter and fun is the dominant sentiment. Offerings, decorations and bottles of tequila are piled up around graves. Heck, drink up, it’s time to celebrate the dead! Listen to the chattering calaveras lip-syncing to mariachi music. Toss ‘em a coin; they don’t bite... but they will reward you with even more in return.

A 5x3 video slot of rejoicing over food, drinks and happy memories in remembrance of the deceased. Revel in the conflict of emotions in the company of sugar skulls and the “bread of dead”.

Feliz Día de los Muertos!